Thursday, February 9, 2023

            In Song of Songs 7:4, we find these words “your nose is like the tower of Lebanon looking toward Damascus.”  What does this mean?  At first read, we might think it is not very kind or neighborly to say that about someone.  But the comparison matters.  In Solomon’s day, this statement would have been complimentary and flattering.  The tower was in a lofty and invincible position.  It would have commanded both respect and awe. So, this verse is a way of saying that someone’s nose was distinct, prominent and even enviable.
            Another rather surprising verse is Song of Songs 4:2. We read, “Your teeth are like a flock of sheep just shorn, coming up from the washing.”  This comparison was a way of saying that someone’s teeth were beautiful and almost perfect.  A freshly shaved and washed sheep would have glistened brightly in the midday sun.  Likewise, perfect teeth command attention and capture our vision.  One person said this verse meant that not a single tooth was missing—perhaps a rarity in biblical days where modern dental care and dentists were not available.  To speak these words meant that someone had been blessed with lovely teeth—and such a blessing was a rare sight in the days of King Solomon.
            The lesson is we may never know what captures someone’s attention.  Even the smallest details or actions we might have minimized or long-forgotten can be used by God for the good of others.  God can use us in many ways to be witnesses for the gospel and to draw others to Him.   The way you handle a crisis could be a witness for someone to see.  The words you speak might land at just the right time upon the ears of someone who needs to hear them.  A note you write or a text you send could bless someone at the right time and with the right message. 
            Consider someone whose faith you might admire or respect.  Perhaps there is something admirable in that person’s faith that you could bring and incorporate into your own faith.  There could be someone who looks to you as an example or even a role model for faith.  Polish your faith like you might brush your teeth.  Point others to Christ like a nose might point to Damascus (okay, a bit of a stretch but the idea is to live prominently and noticeably for Christ).  Another perspective might be to take as much time to care for your spiritual life and your faith as you do for your physical health or appearance.  Invest deeply in prayer time, worship, Bible reading, sharing your faith, tithing and inviting others to participate in our church.  Share the gospel.  Practice sharing your testimony and how God has blessed you.  Do not neglect your faith or leave it unattended anymore than you would neglect to take a shower, wash your clothes or comb your hair.
            God’s Word gives us many different lessons and examples to drive home the important message that we are to be devoted to the Lord and diligent about our faith every day—not just the holidays or the convenient days.  Every day matters because every day is a day that the Lord has made.  Even something ordinary like teeth and noses can remind us to polish our faith and to point others to Christ with the way we live.  Make the most of every opportunity the Bible teaches us.  And God can work through practically anything that we dedicate and offer to Him.  Have a great day!  Remember to join us for our communal lunch this coming Sunday.  Bring a dish or two to share as we enjoy a meal together after worship.  And remember to worship any day at  

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