~Proverbs 11:16

The Women’s Ministry Team exists to provide women with opportunities to worship, fellowship, serve, and grow in their relationships with Christ together.  Besides coordinating ministry events (retreats and Bible studies), the Women’s Ministry Team supports and encourages missions education and missions projects.
2022's FBC-K Women's Conference called to light things that are as true in our time as in Biblical times: political unrest, misdirected leaders, natural disasters, and unexplained plagues. Two words for each concern. Two words that can turn our world upside down or interrupt our day. How can we live a joy filled life with so many concerns?  Two words: Heaven Rules.


Wednesday Evenings During the School Year • 6:30-7:15
Tuesday Mornings (January - March) • 9:00-11:00

What any woman can expect from our first baptist women's studies

Our women's group's relational goal is to build trust and grow our relationships as we seek to better reflect the Fruit of the Spirit with each other.  Our spiritual group goal is to deepen our walk with God so there is more of Him and less of us in our conversations, study, worship, prayer, and encouragement of others.  We value a culture that is authentic, thoughtful, comfortable, caring, and challenging.
We commit to:
  • Be transparent, real, honest;
  • Be respectful of each other and their thoughts;
  • Be open and welcoming, and to create an environment where it is easy to be yourself;
  • Be concerned for each other, acting in ways that show support by listening and affirming; and
  • Be willing to dig deeper for God's truth, to grow, and to help others grow.
The revival that the women will be talking about in this study is for God’s people—those who, by faith in Jesus Christ, have received salvation and belong to Him. (People who do not belong to God cannot be “revived;” they first must be regenerated!) Since the days of Adam and Eve, God’s people have often chosen to resist His will and rebel. Because of His great love, God keeps calling them back to intimate fellowship with Him. God’s grace—the desire and power He gives us to return to Him—always accompanies His call to revival.

**Childcare provided for women who need it to attend. Let church office know by Monday of that week**
Monday Evenings
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Wednesday Evenings
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Tuesday Mornings
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