What is main street kids ministry?


Main Street Kids is a worship and discipleship experience designed for children, ages birth through 5th grade. Our goal is to raise up our arrows (Psalm 127:4), encouraging our young people to go out and be the light in this ever changing world.
Every phase of your child's life matters. From birth thru fifth grade, we focus on each child and ministering to their individual needs. MSK (Main Street Kids) provides various programs to support your child on their walk with Christ, and to equip you with tools to support them at church and at home! 

Every phase of childhood matters... Don't miss it. 

proverbs 22:6

Babies & Toddlers

Birth-Age 3
Did you know from the time your baby is born, you only have 936 Sunday's with them before their graduation? Take the time to invest in their Spiritual walk from the moment they take their first breath. Let's introduce them to Gods love and the family of Christ, now!


Ages 4-6
We find this to be such a special age group that is full of discovery and wonder. We love walking alongside you and your family as your child questions their own abilities and finds their personalities. Let's help them discover more about this love of Jesus and the love of the family of Christ! 

1st & 2nd Grade

Ages 7-8
From the moment your child begins first grade, you only have 624 Sunday's left with them before graduation. Take the time to explore what faith is with them as they go through the age of finding their interests by bringing them to church. Let us support your child and your family as we learn to trust God's character and learn He is who He says He is! 

3rd thru 5th Grade

Ages 9-11
More Sunday's have come and gone at this point, and your child is changing rapidly. By this age they are more vocal, opinionated, and finding their identity. More friendships, more events, busier schedules. Take the time to invest in their eternal future by having them experience God's love and God's family at church! Let us walk with you as they prepare for the next chapter.

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Wednesday Night Activities

We are all smiles when it comes to Wednesday nights! We have something special for everyone in the family! Click the smiley above to be taken to our Wednesday Night programs! 

Sunday Activities

Sunday's are for the whole family. Just like an umbrella we have all of you covered. Click on the umbrella above to learn more about all we offer Sunday Mornings and Evenings! 

Family Event's and Activities

Main Street Kids loves our young people! We love having all sorts of fun, both in and outside the church, through so many activities.. What we really love is watching you make memories as a family. Click the controller above to see past events and upcoming events! 

Outside the walls

We aren't just teaching discipleship here at FBCK to our Main Street Kids. We are teaching and showing how to be the hands, heart, and feet of Jesus! Click the forward button to see our missions opportunities for your child, and family! 
Want to come join us?! We would love to have you! Feel free to click the purple button to your left to download our medical release and permission form. Forget? No big deal! We have extra copies available within our Children's Ministry area!

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