Monday, April 25, 2022

             Things left undone can be bothersome and worrisome.  They can haunt us and follow us.  Deadlines, appointments, work and obligations can linger and cast a huge shadow.  In Luke 18, Jesus had an encounter with a man simply called “the rich ruler.”  We can imagine that he was a man of means, influence and ability.  He came to Jesus to ask a terrific question—what must I do to inherit eternal life?  After briefly talking, Jesus told the man, “You still lack one thing” (Luke 18:22).  Some Bibles say, “There is still one thing you have not done.”  The message was this—there is a vacancy in your life.  There is something that remains to be addressed.  There is a gaping hole.
            Perhaps, in your life, there is something that lingers.  Perhaps, you have business with the Lord today.  You know what it is.  This business has been present in your life for quite some time.  You have neglected it, overlooked it and ignored it.  But the business has not gone away.  Maybe you have some work to do or some words to speak with another person.  Maybe your faith is not where you would like it to be.  There are times when our walk with the Lord can flail and flounder.  We can get off track and find ourselves just roaming or wandering in circles.
            Suppose you had a conversation with Jesus today.  Imagine yourself at lunch or dinner or simply taking a walk with Jesus and He mentioned that there is one thing you still lack.  What would it be?  What would your faith lack today?  Do you even care to know what it would be?  Scripture and prayer can often be powerful searchlights that reveal who and what we are.  They speak with clarity and real discernment so we can begin to discover where we are and where God could be leading us to go.  Get into the Bible and spend some time praying today. 
            Perhaps something is missing in your stewardship.  You have not given to God as you know you should.  Perhaps there is something missing in your sense of service and generosity.  Maybe you have not blessed others in ways you could have.  We can often promise to pray for someone yet forget or overlook that promise.  Could there be someone you have missed in your prayer time?  Is there a friend or family member you need to lift up in prayer before the Lord?  We may never know why God prompts us to pray but we need to be sensitive to and responsive to such times and occasions.  If you have allowed some of your prayer-promises to lack fulfillment, take time today to catch up on them.  Remembering a prayer-promise is a blessing both to you and the person for whom you have promised to pray.
            In Luke 18, the rich young ruler who spoke with Jesus went away “very sad” (Luke 18:23).  He was sad because He had neglected to do the one thing he lacked and the one thing that the Lord had called him to do.  When our faith or discipleship is incomplete in some way, we will “go away sad.”  Do not neglect the first and priority things that God has for you to do.  Be sensitive to the convicting sense that there is something you lack or some unfulfilled work the Lord has for you.  Trust the Holy Spirit to help you discern what that “one thing” might well be.  Have a great Monday!  And remember to pray for our Poland mission trip that begins late on Sunday, May 1 as the team flies to Poland.  Pray for God to use this trip to bless Ukrainian refugees and to refresh the work of Polish Baptist Christians.  Remember also that you can always share our worship at

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