Youth Leadership Team

Love God. Share God. Share Life.

"We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God's Good News but our own lives, too."
~1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NLT)

Loving God, sharing God, and sharing life with others is what youth ministry is all about-- what the Christian life is all about!  Our youth leadership team members are all encouraged to love God first and foremost.  They are all encouraged to share God with the students by sharing how God has impacted their lives personally and through facilitating in Bible study. Finally, sharing life by listening to prayer requests and praise reports of the youth along with sharing their own life experiences, having fun together, and being an encourager

HDTV: Highly Dedicated & Trained Volunteers

Dr. Kara E. Powell and Dr. Chap Clark, authors of Sticky Faith, encourage parents to “develop a sticky web of relationships” for their teens.  We desire to come alongside you by creating a pool of trustworthy adults who can help you influence your teen's faith journey.  That’s why our ministry is so committed to connecting with your teenager and providing them with a community they can trust.

Our youth leaders continue in training and ministry education annually, as they all understand they are so much more than "just" a volunteer. Through the years, we've studied Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry, Nuts & Bolts, Lead Small, Gospelize, and courses 101 and 201 Youth Ministry University.  This year, we're doing courses 301 & 401!

Contact Lee Forrest for this year's meeting and training schedule.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."
~Elizabeth Andrew

Meet the rest of the team

Some leaders lead hands-on, weekly; other leaders are primarily administrative, though they're commonly go-to chaperones for events, etc.  What our leaders on this page and this page have in common with the leaders pictured below is that they all love Jesus and love teenagers.  Here, meet our parent representatives and our student representatives.  They're vitally important to our youth ministry as we plan and as we do monthly check-ins for "health checks" to ensure the ministry is at its best. They also play a large role in our annual Youth Leadership Team Planning Retreat.

DaLea Beane


Jason Pasch

Parent Representative

Caleb Beane

Student Representative

Sydney Purvis

Student Representative