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Whether you'd like a mid-week spiritual boost, your schedule works better for Wednesdays for extra study, or you just simply enjoy learning, studying, and being around others, Wednesday evenings at First Baptist have plenty of opportunity for all of the above.  The atmosphere is more relaxed on Wednesdays and there's something for everyone in the family, from babies through senior adults.  In 2022, we're bringing back Wednesday Night Dinners to help make it easier for busy families to get to church without having to rush through a meal in order to arrive on time.  RSVP form available below.

If you're looking for kids Wednesday opportunities, click here.  If you're looking for youth Wednesday opportunities, click here.

Wednesday opportunities are only offered regularly during the school year. During the summer, other weekday options are offered.
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Class Title: Romans
Led by: Tom Cabaniss
Class Time: 6:30-7:15 p.m.
Duration: Ongoing
Class Style: Direct Instruction
Class Composition: Adult Co-Ed
Class Location: Room 202
Overview:  Pastor Tom Cabaniss will be leading participants through the Book of Romans, written by the Apostle Paul, expositionally over the course of this extended study.  No textbook is needed-- only your copy of the Bible.  Though this is a "start-to-finish" study, anyone can join in at any time, as each lesson will have value in its own merit.

Monday Evenings & TUESDAY MORNINGS

Class Title: Seeking Him
Led by: Gene Rector
Class Time: Mondays at 6pm
Duration: March 13 - June 28
Class Style: Devotional/Group Discussion
Class Composition: Adult Men
Class Location: Fellowship Hall
Overview:  Revival is not merely an emotional experience- it's a complete transformation! In this interactive study, participants will be guided through critical stages of spiritual renewal including humility, repentance, grace, holiness, obedience, forgiveness, and power through the Spirit-filled life.


Class Title: The Bible Code: Finding Jesus in Every Book in the Bible
Led by: Tom Cabaniss
Class Time: 6:45 a.m.
Duration: Ongoing
Class Style: Devotional/Group Discussion
Class Composition: Adult Men
Class Location: Room 103 (in-person)
Overview:  Pastor Tom Cabaniss leads this men's group weekly on Thursday mornings. The Bible Code by O.S. Hawkins is about finding Jesus in every book in the Bible. Jesus challenged His followers to "search the Scriptures... for they testify of Me" (John 5:39).  As this group will study together, Jesus can be found Genesis-Revelation, and in finding Him, life is found.  Eternal life and in the here and now.  The men at this group gather around tables with coffee for about 20 minutes, enjoying a devotion and discussion. This is followed by a time of intercessory prayer. The group then adjourns for breakfast together. New men are always welcome.
Class Title: Before You Open Your Bible
Led by: Tom Cabaniss
Class Time: 10:00 a.m.
Duration: Summer 2023
Class Style: Book Study
Class Composition: Adult Co-Ed
Class Location: Room 103 (in-person)
Overview:  This book by Matt Smethurst will help participants learn nine postures for approaching God’s Word and strengthen Bible study abilities.  We know the Bible is important, but many of us struggle with it. We're not biblical experts—though we may have started enough reading plans to be really familiar with Genesis. If we're honest, the Bible often intimidates us, confuses us, and reading it doesn't always thrill us.  And yet, the Bible is where God reveals His loving character and incredible plan of redemption.  Although there are many great resources on how to read and study Scripture, hardly any focus exclusively on how to approach it in the first place. That's what Smethurst provides in this unique "prelude" to opening our Bibles. For without the right heart postures, we're not yet ready to start reading.  Pastor Tom will guide the class through this intriguing study.