This page has Sunday School options for adults.  To find out more about Sunday School options for children and teenagers (and about seasonal Sunday night opportunities) click below.  
Questions?? Contact our Sunday School Director, Cindy Stafford.

Sunday school- 9:45 a.m.

Sunday school is the foundational strategy in our local church for leading people to faith in Christ and discipling all in that faith. This occurs through weekly Bible study, fellowship, worship, prayer, and ministry. The three armed goal is discovering the Word together, fellowshipping together, and taking the Gospel to the community outside of the church together. The church family gathers to study God's Word in community on Sunday mornings at 9:45.  Studying together brings out aspects of God's Word that otherwise may have gone unnoticed!  There's also the fellowship aspect, as conversations, for some, happen more naturally during Sunday school than during the worship service.  

Class Title: Explore the Bible
Led by: Rotating teachers
Duration: Summer 2024
Class Style: Lecture with Group Discussion
Class Composition: Adult Co-Ed
Class Location: Room 206
Overview: Explore the Bible for adults is designed to illuminate the historical, cultural, and biblical context of Scripture. Book by book, this study series helps adults understand and apply God’s Word in a manner that is practical, sustainable, and thorough.  This spring the class will be investigating:
Acts 1-12. Come learn about the birth of Christ's church.
Class Title: Bible Studies for Life
Options: TWO Classes Offered
Led by: 1. Mark Whitley & Cathy Hyatt  /  Room 303  /  Adult 2.5
2. Rotating teachers  /  Room 202  /  Adult 1.5
Duration: Summer 2024
Class Style: Instruction with Group Discussion
Class Composition: Adult Co-Ed
Overview: Bible Studies for Life is designed to help adult groups make disciples through comprehensive, in-depth Bible study.  Topics for the summer include:  Promises we can count on, More than a sidekick; serving along side each other.
Class Title: Change: No Pain, No Gain
Led by: Roger Haas
Duration: Summer 2024
Class Style: Lecture
Class Composition: Adult Co-Ed
Class Location: Room 201
Overview: We begin with a new Bible study on change.  The Bible lesson is found in the book of Ruth.  I have named the lesson:  "Change: No Pain, No Gain.
Maybe you’ve made some wrong turns and arrived at some dead ends. God loves you and He is willing to recalculate your route to put you on the right track for abundant life. Don’t give up on God, because He hasn’t given up on you!
Class Title: The Gospel Project: Chronological
Led by: Jo Barringer
Duration: Ongoing
Class Style: Instruction with Group Discussion
Class Composition: Adult Co-Ed
Class Location: Room 204
Overview: This class is continues in its chronological study of the Bible. Participants can join in at anytime, as it revolves and is ongoing. The theme for summer 2024 is From this world to the world to come.
Class Title: Senior Adult 4
Led by: Cindy Stafford
Duration: May-August 2024
Class Style: Instruction with group discussion
Class Composition: Senior Adult Co-Ed
Class Location: Room 103-A
Overview: These sessions will include:
  1. The Contemplative Life
  2. The Life of Peter
  3. The Book of Daniel
  4. Exemplary Leaders   Come join us to explore these exciting topics together.
Special Needs
First Baptist has a class dedicated to spiritually guiding those with special needs, developmental delays, etc., regardless of their age.  The class is tailored to meet the needs of the students as they come and changes fluidly with the class members' needs. Class is led by Patti Miller.
This spring the lessons will cover Mark's Stories about Jesus' Ministry and Settling in the Promise Land.

1st Floor, Room 105-A