Midway soccer

pre-registration for season 13 is open from may 9 - August 12, 2022
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Midway Soccer strives to accommodate, but also strives for team balance. Special requests may be denied for the sake of team balance; however, requests for assuring practice night preferences (for family transportation, etc.) will receive a higher level of accommodation.

All pre-registered players still must attend an evaluation in person at Midway Field. We do not register walk-ups, so please pass the word about this online pre-registration before it's too late! Midway Soccer has always made it a goal to have balanced teams. As we continue striving for balance, we will do evaluations "scrimmage-style." This means evaluation times are no longer floating, but fixed. Be on the lookout for Evaluation date(s) in your e-mail inbox in the months to come. If you have any questions, please e-mail Candice! The $15.00 registration fee can be paid at evaluations or you can pay in advance, electronically, by clicking below. Midway Soccer uses photos of its players, coaches, and spectators for promotion on First Baptist's website and in our Midway Soccer brochure. If you would prefer your child's photo not be used, please submit written notification to the Director. We look forward to seeing you this Fall!
Pre-payment is not required, but is offered for your convenience. Cash payments are accepted on-site at evaluations as well.